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blue lias stone

Blue Lias stone for a rustic look

Known for its beautiful greyish blue colour, Blue Lias stone complements modern and traditionally designed buildings alike. The stone is made from a mixture of shale and limestone, laid down during the early Jurassic period and it is renowned for the fossils, especially ammonites, that are contained within it. Blue Lias stone is found in the Lyme Regis and Charmouth areas of Dorset, as well as Somerset. 

In 2015, we began excavating Blue Lias stone from our quarry in Somerset. As one of the few supplier of this stone, we can assure you of a consistent supply of walling stones, building stones, flagstones and flooring stones at prices that are affordable.

Types of stone that we can provide

Available in a range of bed colours and heights

As one of only 3 quarries in the UK capable of quarrying Blue Lias stone, we have a range of bed colours to match your requirements. We excavate coursed Blue Lias in bed heights between 3-8 inches, cropped to a bed depth between 100-150mm, and then guillotined to random lengths. You can choose to have the face left natural, or we can hand-dress it for you. Our Blue Lias random rubble walling is supplied with varying heights. This product takes slightly longer to build with but gives a rustic natural look once finished. In addition to our range of Blue Lias products, we can also supply Hamstone, Cary stone and more for customers in Dorset, London, Hampshire and across the UK.

Are you looking for a supplier of Blue Lias stone in Somerset? Contact Hadspen Quarry for a range of locally sourced natural stones. 

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